BGG talks about Maliki not being up for reelection.

BGG Maliki’s name is not “on a ballot” – the SLC has MP’s up for re-election…based on the overall party results, the winning “majority party” will get the chance to form the next government…(name the PM). Maliki is not up for reelection – which is why it is soooooo troubling when the major players are all not giving their assent to a 3rd Maliki term…it has to be terrifying to him.

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Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

Ex-Iraqi PM Rejects 3rd Term for Maliki

Ex-Iraqi PM Rejects 3rd Term for Maliki

Posted 2014-04-14 07:15 GMT

Former Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi said on Sunday that his Iraqi List parliamentary bloc would oppose any proposal to allow incumbent Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to seek a third term in office.

“We are committed to the parliament’s resolution barring any premier from running for a third term,” Allawi said in an interview with Anadolu Agency.

The Iraqi parliament approved in 2013 a bill stipulating that the president, premier and parliament speaker cannot serve more than two terms in office.

The al-Maliki government has never endorsed the bill.

Under the Iraqi constitution, bills that are approved by the parliament but not endorsed by the government remain non-abiding to the latter.

“Maliki has failed in rebuilding the country,” Allawi said. “Iraq has become an example for financial and administrative corruption.”

Allawi’s bloc, made up mainly of liberal politicians, has 91 seats in the 325-seat Iraqi parliament.

Al-Maliki has been in office since 2006 when his United Iraqi Alliance won parliamentary elections.

He then formed the State of Law coalition, which lost the 2010 parliamentary election by two seats to Allawi’s Iraqi List.

However, he remained in office and formed a national unity government as part of a deal on top government posts between the two blocs that ended months of political deadlock.

Assyrian International News Agency

Maliki sells his voice, dignity, and National honor

Architecture / Network News Iraq – Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said on Saturday that the political majority harmonious solve a lot of problems and move stagnant things, while noting the quest to get rid of the quota system.

Maliki said during his speech in the campaign for a coalition of state law in the province of Maysan “We are close to the day that we draw the future and stand in front of the ballot box to decide the country’s future, and if we wanted to be an extension of the tender, it is worth not to miss the sound and mixes vision.

Maliki said that we are on the day of April 30 we will be in front of the court date and the People’s Court and the responsibility of legitimacy and national” , asking, “Will we be suspended with the people or with the release? Would we ever be with the one that was honest and kept the money or with the manipulation of money?, With the motive for the unity of Iraq or that the wire by differentiating and ripping?. ”

And noted that” sells his voice sells his dignity, pride and honor national, and sells his voice is too small not worthy sons of Iraq, to ​​be young, “noting that” the state does not adopt gang nor adopted Balmelchiat, sectarianism and racism. ”

and explained that” the province of Maysan is the second in oil production and is eligible to be higher than it is now, in light of the political oil that have adopted and Libenge that brings this to her children, reconstruction and construction of housing and the economy, but remains unemployed and keep the family does not have a piece of land or a house inhabited, “noting that” at a time when Iraq needs to balance escapes others of discussion. ”

and pointed out that” the security forces to defend Iraq and honor Iraqis are facing these bands that came from different countries and backed by rogue states, “adding,” I say that from watching the army while fighting and spare the army word backing this Aimkk jealousy on Iraq, and the possibility for spectators and Allowafiqin on the hill, how those who are challenging the army and rejoice if I got terrorist operation and rejoice if martyred soldier or policeman, can we say to these yes in the election. ”

He said he was” not for the rule of law and cohesion to tear Iraq, the rule of law was fighting on all fronts in order to protect Iraq, noting that “the rule of law has been able to maintains its strength with torn the other blocs and cohesion were able to protect the political process. ”

and continued,” If we want to complete the process of developing the housing and Universities and agriculture and building schools, and if we want to achieve more wealth oil and services in the areas of water must know where to begin and the beginning of this The project starts from standing for election fund, and if we were able to achieve a majority of political harmony can walk about things, and if not possible budget vote majority it within the foundations of democracy and if this is not something in the cabinet a political majority to walk and move stagnant things, we want to get rid of quotas and if remained quotas remained People are giving their voices to this rivalry will come to you after four years and say you did again Tsabwa have reflected the priority goal when voices without the expense. ”


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Maliki confirms need to change political system into a system of majority

Basra / NINA / Prime Minister and Chairman of the coalition of State Law, Nuri al-Maliki, stressed on Friday the need for change in the upcoming elections.

Al-Maliki said in front of hundreds of supporters of the State of Law in the Sports city in Basra that the first change is the change of the political system into majority.

He said that Basra deserves to be the economic capital of the country, to compensate it for the lean years.

He added that he has a list of projects delayed due to foreign agendas for the purpose of stirring people against the government.

Al-Maliki has arrived in Basra on Friday afternoon. / End


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Adam talks about Maliki winning a third term.

Adam Montana [I understand the UN has given Iraq a deadline of April 14th to finally pass the budget. What if Iraq does NOT do this? Also, what if Maliki gets a THIRD term...Would this KILL the RV?] First – the UN…can’t force Iraq to do anything at this point. Second, if Maliki wins a third term (which I believe he will), that just gives him the freedom to push things in his favor… and you’ll be hard pressed to find a way that an RV won’t benefit him.

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Maliki: Iraq will not allow terrorists to cut off the water

BAGHDAD / NINA / Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki said Iraq will not allow terrorists to cut off the water and he made the decision to confront the criminals of al-Qaeda and ISIS.

He said in his weekly that “all Iraqis need to be aware that we are not going to stand more on the criminals and we will never allow them to cut off water and deprived life and the government made its decision through the army to counter terrorism.”

Maliki added that “the water is an issue must be resolved and the time has come to resolve the issue of Fallujah”.. / End


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Maliki calls for an international consensus on fight against corruption

BAGHDAD / NINA / Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki called for an international consensus on the fight against corruption and the corrupters .

He said in the opening speech of the Second International Forum against corruption held in Baghdad today that ” This consensus is important , as the international consensus to fight terrorism.”

A number of Arab and international experts will present, during the sessions forum, which lasts two-day, researches and working papers dealing with the results of the activities of regional and international forums in the field of recovery of the looted money and the nature of work in this area on the regional and international levels and to discuss the institutional and realism legal challenges to these steps and marking the prospects of bilateral and collective cooperation. / End


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Bayati: National Alliance authorizes Maliki to take the appropriate actions to re-flow water to the central and southern governorates

BAGHDAD / NINA / A member of the parliamentary Commission on Security and Defense, MP of state of law coalition, Abbas al-Bayati declared that “All the leaders of the Iraqi National Alliance have authorized Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to take what he sees fit to make Euphrates River re- flow to central and southern governorates.”

Bayati told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / ” cutting the Euphrates River to the central and southern governorates by the terrorists of ISIS is silent killing, so deterrent military measures should be taken in order to re-flow the water in the Euphrates River,” pointing out that ” cannot be hesitated in this regard, because it is related to the stability of the country and it is intended to tear the country and national unity.

He stressed the need not to allow ISIS and al-Qaeda to carry out such act, calling the government “To use all the available means of pressure and power, in order to prevent these terrorists from moving to implement their bloody and coward plans.”

Bayati concluded, “During their meeting held yesterday, the attitude of all the leaders of the National Alliance was united and authorized Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to take what he sees fit to a re- flow of the Euphrates River to central and southern governorates and prevent and al-Qaeda to stay in their places and kill and expel them.”


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INA meets with Maliki

Baghdad (AIN) –The Iraqi National Alliance held a meeting in the presence of the Premier, Nouri al-Maliki, where it requested him to strongly hit the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant for blocking the water in Tharthar dam.

The member of the INA, Ameer al-Kinani, stated to AIN “The political commission of the INA held a meeting at the office of its head, Ibrahim al-Jaafary, and in Maliki’s presence in addition to the presence of all the members of the commission.”

“The commission released a statement where it requested Maliki to eliminate the ISIL elements after control Tharthar dam and blocking the water from reaching the southern provinces of Iraq,” he concluded. /End/


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Maliki has postponment of the elections

BGG:         Article: “Maliki: Postponement of the elections, we will open the fire of hell and ends with Iraq.”

This is just Maliki keeping pace with his political rivals and trying to limit the damage they can do him over the next month. In truth – he would postpone these elections in a heart-beat if he thought he could get away with it. In fact, postponement is something he has been known to threaten.

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British newspaper: Maliki leading for a third term

Hailed by the British Guardian, said Friday that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, a leading candidate to win the premiership for the third term, noting that the month of April is more democratic months on record.

The newspaper said in a report published today, “The month of April is more months democracy in the world at all, since it is scheduled to hold national elections in six countries, namely India, Afghanistan, Hungary, Indonesia, Algeria and Iraq, bringing the number of voters to more than a billion people.”

And spotted a newspaper on its website, “the largest legislative elections in the world and organized by India in the period between April 7 and running until May 12 next, with the participation of 815 million voters, which is the leader of the Hindu nationalist party Narinda Moody’s, the most prominent candidates.”

In conclusion, the British newspaper noteworthy for the legislative elections in Iraq, which will be held on 30th of this month, noting that “Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is the leading candidate to win a third term, as the number of the right to vote in the election of 18 million people.”

The parliamentary election is the biggest event in Iraq, they determine the cluster, which nominates the prime minister and takes over the top positions in the state, is scheduled to take place in April 30, 2014, and subsequently began political movements active in several directions to form alliances in order to contest the election.


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Sinead: Maliki delays the military solution in Fallujah

BAGHDAD / NINA / The head of the parliamentary committee on security and defense, MP of the state of law, Hassan Sinead said: “The Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Nouri al-Maliki, through his message and guidance to the Armed Forces, stresses that he will not accept a drop of blood being shed from the people of Fallujah .”

He told the National Iraqi News / NIINA/ that ” there are plans presented to the leadership but there are sacrifices of civilians and the leadership did not take them out to ensure not to make casualties among our brothers of the people of Fallujah.”

Sinead added, “the security reality says that Fallujah had been hijacked by al-Qaeda and ISIS and they take civilians as human shields, so we do not want casualties among civilians and that makes the military leadership to work on plans to avoid the civilian lives . ” .

The city of Fallujah is witnessing armed clashes and shelling on residential neighborhoods between the armed forces and gunmen, killing , wounding and displacing thousands of civilians. / End


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Qartani calls Maliki to negotiate with decision makers in Anbar to settle crisis

Anbar –MP, Hamza al-Qartani, of Motahidoun Alliance called the Premier, Nouri al-Maliki, to negotiate with the decision makers in Anbar to settle the crisis there.

Speaking to AIN, he said “The reliability of the government on the tribes that do not represent the families in Anbar and they are not the decision makers in Anbar.”

“We call Maliki to negotiate with the tribes and the persons who make the decision in Anbar to settle the ongoing crisis,” he concluded.


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Maliki believed to have motives in replacing Turki

aggiedad77    Article – National Coalition warns against trying to manipulate the cash reserves of the Central Bank of Iraq

The National Coalition believes that Maliki may have ulterior motives in replacing Turki with a new governor for the CBI, they have voiced an opinion that purports sinister intentions that give cause for alert to danger and devious intentions ahead. By constitutional requirement the CBI is separate from the government so that there is no attempt to use funds from the CBI in a manner that is not prescribed by law.

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U.S. newspaper: Maliki will lose in the next parliamentary elections.

He favored a poll conducted by the newspaper “Washington Post” loss of president of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The survey, which covered a wide range of observers of the Iraqi, attributed the cause of the failure of al-Maliki, to the disappointment inflicted Maliki Ibnakhbayh, as well as addresses the corruption that overflowed from all aspects of the state in his tenure as President of the minister, through the failure of the Deputy Prime Minister for Affairs Energy Hussain al-Shahristani in raising Iraq’s oil production and field development productivity and promises false in the stability of the electricity and the senior agent of the Ministry of the Interior Adnan al-Asadi, who failed to extend security and the spread of violence in all provinces of Iraq and in particular the capital, Baghdad, not to mention a series of intermarriage and ratios that influenced al-Maliki in the Iraqi street.

As a result, the the survey showed that al-Maliki Sahoudy massive loss and that his chances of winning in the next parliamentary elections are very weak.


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BGG thinks Maliki is really getting rid of Turki.

3-21-2014 BGG I still have reservations that Maliki getting rid of Turki is real. There still seems to be a lot of moving parts to this thing & I don’t know if they have really decided to do this or not. Turki doing everything that Maliki has wanted him to do may or may not be entirely correct. I’m somewhere on the middle on this. I think that he has been a useful tool to Maliki. He may not have done everything that Maliki has wanted but hasn’t hurt him either…he hasn’t been “in your face” like Shabibi was.

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Maliki: the international community’s demands coordination to dry up the sources of terrorism

BAGHDAD – morning put Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki yesterday points on the letters, when he demanded the international community to coordinate security and intelligence and activation of arrest warrants to dry up the sources of terrorism in Iraq, warning the world of the “shake” terrorism aftershocks up to capitals European and global levels in the absence of elimination of the uniformity of all international efforts.

Prime Minister said in his speech to the Conference of Baghdad the first international anti-terrorism yesterday: “The holding of the conference in the capital, Baghdad, is the station essential for cooperation and exchange of experiences between the countries of the world to confront the phenomenon of terrorism targeting the region,” He pointed out that in order to be “our cities are safe from terrorist groups, must be cooperation of all to eradicate this scourge.”

and added that “Iraq is realized from the outset the seriousness of terrorism, it has been confirmed over and over again because of the phenomenon of terrorism will be extended to the countries of the world, and this calls for cooperation, but others have not heard our voice has been possible to avoid sliding extremism in the region when listening to Iraq, “noting that” some countries have turned their institutions into an incubator for terrorism and assemble the money you spend on bombers to plant where death and destruction, and we are afraid to turn terror to hit policies and wills of the countries that will affect their interests, but more dangerous than that of the region slipped to the formation of regional hubs to provide assistance to an incubator of terrorist became the scene is very complicated. ”

He renewed his call to countries in the region to combat terrorism and the dangers of sectarian strife, noting that Iraq has resisted the terrorist plot and left of the exam is difficult and has been building institutional capable of protecting the homeland and the citizen. ”

He continued: “Some countries in the region saw the destruction by terrorist groups and is now back to the same approach terror,” noting that “from embracing terrorism or silent it will find itself a key partner in the crimes against humanity as it will bear the moral responsibility and human rights. ”

as Maliki reiterated that “Syria has turned into the biggest activity of terrorism, and that any delay to the conflict’s bloody there, will cause complete destruction, and this is a crime against that storm damage will blow all countries the region, “noting that in the event of non-stop war in Syria, these become camps for evil to export terrorism to the region. increased by saying: “The shake-terrorism backlash will arrive in European capitals and the world in the absence of elimination of the uniformity of all international efforts.”

Prime Minister student In his speech, “the international community and the countries of the region to take swift action and a deterrent to protect our nations and our peoples and our interests, including security coordination and intelligence between countries in the region to dismantle terrorist networks, as well as urging the states from which the opinions of atonement to correct a lot of cultures and approaches that promote violence, well that should be drying up terrorism financially and sanctions and ban propaganda activities which incite atonement. ”

also called al-Maliki to establish the general secretariat of the International Conference for the fight against terrorism based in Baghdad put the strategic overview of the fight against terrorism, stressing “the importance of the prohibition of activities and channels promoter of terrorist groups and prevent them from benefiting from social networks . ”

He expressed his satisfaction “of the development in the positions of sister states that tended to materials in their constitutions to avoid penance and forbids terrorism and criminalize any act of terrorism in these countries and beyond,” adding “post sisterly and friendly countries and regional and international organizations, presidents and officials in the Iraqi state and the judiciary, legislative and executive and representatives of the security services essential link for cooperation and exchange of experiences in the face of the most dangerous phenomenon seen in the universe now. ”


Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

Will Maliki release the RV?

3-13-14 BGG:  [Q.  What is the current thoughts on the best time for M [Maliki to release the RV from an election stand point. soon or closer to election day?]

A.  If it boils down to 2 weeks prior to – I doubt we see until after – but anything is possible.

[Q.  releasing the RV wont win votes after the election.]

A.  great point.

[Q.  What makes more sense to you: Release the rate then approve the budget or the reverse?]

A.  Right now – rate first budget second…but that is relative to the immediate situation…which could change. if Maliki can’t get budget consensus and needs electoral help – rate first.

Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

Maliki Goes After Rival Governments

In the last few months Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s State of Law (SOL) list has been moving against provincial governments in Diyala, Wasit, and Basra that largely excluded them after last year’s elections. The modus operandi has been the same all three governorates: a member of SOL on the provincial council sues the local administration over how the government was put together and the Maliki friendly courts have ruled them unconstitutional. That has led to the creation of two rival governments in Diyala, an attempt is underway to get rid of the one in Wasit, and Basra might be next.

State of Law first made a move against the Diyala provincial government. In October 2013, the Integrity Commission issued an arrest warrant for Governor Omar Humairi on corruption charges. At the same time, the Diyala National Coalition, which was just State of Law by then, went to court saying that how the ruling coalition was formed was illegal. The Diyala government was formed in June 2013 after provincial elections. It was made up of Iraqiya Diyala consisting of Speaker of Parliament Osama Nujafi’s Mutahidun and Deputy Premier Saleh al-Mutlaq’s Iraqi National Dialogue Front, the Kurdish Brotherhood and Coexistence List, and the Sadrists’ Ahrar/Liberal bloc. The Sadrists were originally part of the Diyala National Coalition, but abandoned it to shut State of Law out of the new administration. That was the basis for the SOL lawsuit.

Diyala Governor Humairi was removed by a State of Law initiated lawsuit (Al Masalah)

The court ruled in favor of State of Law, and this led to the creation of two rival administrations. First, Humairi claimed that Maliki didn’t have the authority to remove him. He ended up fleeing to Kurdistan to escape the warrant out for him. At the end of January 2014, his supporters in Iraqiya Diyala, the Sadrists and the Brotherhood and Coexistence List met in Khanaqin, a Kurdish controlled district of the province and re-elected Humairi governor. Just a few days beforehand the other members of the provincial council picked Muthanna al-Tamimi from Badr within the Diyala National Coalition as the new head of council, and Ameer Salman Yacoub as the new governor. The two rival governments condemned each other calling their elections illegal. Since Yacoub and Tamimi are in the provincial seat and have the support of Maliki they will have control of the province, while Humairi will be limited to the Kurdish controlled parts of Diyala. Despite this the premier accomplished his goal. A local government that had shut out his coalition was forced out, and now a friendly one was put in place. This was thanks to the courts, which are Maliki-friendly. With this model in place the prime minister moved on to other governorates.

A similar set of circumstances played out in Wasit. There, the Supreme Council’s Citizen’s Alliance and the Sadrists cooperated to form a ruling coalition of all the winning parties with the exception of State of Law. That gave the governorship to the Supreme Council and the head of council to Ahrar. Again, Maliki’s list sued claiming that the formation process was unconstitutional, and won a favorable ruling on March 3. (1) The provincial police chief was then issued orders to remove the government from office. That hasn’t happened yet, but Maliki has once again relied upon the judiciary to get rid of a provincial authority he did not agree with. Unlike in Diyala where State of Law was completely shut out of the administration, in Wasit it got the 2nd deputy governor position. That made the court decision all the more questionable, and highlights that the courts are in the pocket of the prime minister.

A third case is now pending against the Basra government. There State of Law won the most seats, 16 of 35 and got the head of council position, while the Citizen’s Alliance won the governorship. It appears SOL was not happy with that and now wants the top job. Just as in Diyala and Wasit a member of SOL has gone to court challenging how the ruling coalition was put together. March 6 the judiciary said that it was postponing the appeal against the Basra administration. Given the other two rulings however if Maliki wants the Basra government removed he will get it.

After the 2013 provincial elections State of Law was excluded from several local governments. This was mostly the work of the Sadrist’s Ahrar. It saw the opportunity to assert itself and take on the prime minister. Diyala and Wasit were two examples. Maliki was obviously not happy with that. He didn’t act immediately after the vote, but he is now taking his revenge by getting the Diyala and Wasit governments ruled illegal by the courts. Basra is a more blatant power play since SOL was part of the ruling coalition and has the head of the council. There it appears Maliki wants the governorship. There is little that these administrations can do since the premier has control of the judiciary, the purse, and the security forces. The rival administration of Humairi in Diyala can do little, and it’s yet to be seen how things will play out in Wasit and Basra. This is a very bad sign for Iraq’s developing democracy. It undermines the will of the voters since only in Basra did State of Law get the most votes. It also makes the whole process of putting together a government meaningless. Maliki’s manipulations of the courts means that even if his party was a minority they can remove any administration that displeases them and take power. Finally it is a foreboding series of events before this year’s election, because it could mean that the prime minister will resort to the courts if things do not go his way as a means to hold onto power.


Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

Enorrste points out that Maliki is stalling.

Newshound Guru Enorrste Today there is no talk of a LOP in IMF or CBI articles. It is all leading toward the “gradual rise” in the value of the dinar, which is a float. On the other hand, if you believe that Maliki wants to LOP the currency, then that is another point altogether. Maliki would then be on a “different plan” than the CBI. However, I find that Maliki’s position is not known to any of us. Instead, all we “know” is that he is stalling.

Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

Maliki files lawsuit against the parliament

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has launched on Wednesday , a sharp attack on the parliament describing it as delayed important laws , while announced submitting an appeal to the Federal Court on the ” political work ” of the parliament and revealed making a decision within the Council of Ministers to send the financial budget regardless for the year current before its approval.

For his part, Parliament Speaker, Osama al-Nujiufi described the accusations made by Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki to the parliament as a ” military coup ” on the democratic experiment and the political process in the country.

The spokesman for the Council , Sabah al- Bawi told “Shafaq News ” , that “the lawsuit numbered 31 / federal / 2014 reached the legal department of the parliament in which Mr. Prime Minister talked about filing it against the parliament.
Bawi added ” The Federal Court has been approved in many previous rulings its lack of competence in the internal procedures which is an interference in the independence of the legislative authority as guaranteed in Article 47 of the Constitution .”

“It is known that the Presidency of the parliament had included the bill on the agenda , but due to lack of quorum and rejections of blocs on the bill , the session has been delayed”.
The spokesman of the Iraqi Parliament that any decision to compel the Presidency of the Council to include a budget bill on the agenda would not be feasible ” because the problem lies in providing the necessary quorum for the meeting, which is not accessible, especially that the government had sent the bill without having a national consensus “.

The Iraqi annual budget this year has faced many obstacles because of the dispute of the parliamentary blocs on them, which threatens to delay its approval.


Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

Aggie dad says Najafi has made Maliki mad.

3-6-2014 Newshound Guru Aggiedad77 Article: “Maliki: We will act even if the budget did not recognize .. I call to suspend the parliamentary sessions!” Najafi you have made the big boss mad by not having the budget on the agenda yesterday as he asked you to do…what is the result…he’s taking control of 2014 budget money and is going to start project implementation…he has the unanimous support of the COM in doing this and believes it is constitutionally legal…at the same time he is calling for an indefinite boycotting of Parliament…he points a finger directly at Najafi and blames him and others for conspiring to make the state fail…Maliki is pulling out all stops in his attempt to smear Najafi before the elections…attempting to turn the entire Parliament against him…Najafi wants the nomination for President of the Republic a position now held by Kurd Talabani.

Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

Maliki attempts to overthrow Iraqi constitution

Nineveh, Mosul ( MP Atheel al-Nijaifi, of Motahidon Alliance, considered the recent statements of the Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, related to the disbursement of funds from the budget as dangerous speech and an attempt to overthrow the Constitution of Iraq.

Nijaifi published on his personal facebook page that ”Maliki launched a dangerous statement when he declared that he will adopt the State Budget without ratifying it at the Parliament where Maliki stated that the Parliament lost its legitimization because the Parliament violated the opinion of the Government.””I hope that Maliki did not meant his statement literally, otherwise his statement is considered an attempt to overthrow the Constitution of Iraq,” he concluded. \END\


Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

Maliki is dancing to the tune of the Monetary Reform

Frank26: It’s almost repulsive to see how well Maliki is dancing to the tune of the Monetary Reform. He’s not tripping over his feet and he is not extending his feet to trip anyone else.

I can promise you that M has no control over the RV. But I can also be willing to bet a wooden dinar ……….that he knows very well what is happening to his country’s currency. Greed allows this man to be constructive right now.

All the banks in Iraq…….all the citizens in Iraq harmonize together as they scream to the CBI……..WE HAVE NO MONEY!!! CBI looks up at the sky and says……..oh look at the pretty blue birds.

Yet billions of dinars … actually trillions are being distributed left and right to different regions of Iraq to better buy election votes……..

I MEAN TO help these regions. Activities through the GOI make it seem as if they finally understand the CBI’s mission to lift the 000′s from their currency.

Suggestive actions that cause innuendos that can only logically say…….something is or has happened to their currency. Let’s just pretend that M knows the RV is within grasp. If so…….then seeing M use 2014 budget funds to pay bills and run the GOI is interesting.

They accuse him of doing something unconstitutional ………but it’s not. M has full legal rights to do what he did today. But curiosity that killed the cat is killing me to ask this question……..why did you do this M? Why not three weeks ago when the screaming started?

If I didn’t know any better M ……..I would say you are buying time. Time…….in which to see the new rate for the new currency called lower denoms. Time…..for your ugly votes.

Time…….that is running out and collapsing into a point of singularity that equals a new rate. Well……….it’s about time.

Oh by the way M……..IMO……..this new rate will come out soon because on March 25th all candidates that are running for election are going to start to promote themselves.

Oh by the way Family……..this article about M says that he “exchanged” and I know your minds ran with excitement but it’s imperative that you know the true translation in Arabic was “pay”.

Oh by the way………any payments that he made have to be in IQD’s but since there are no more 000′s the question is ……….did he pay in LD’s or electronically?

Please find the time to read WALKINGSTICK’S article that is a blueprint of our CC’s………a clone of our studies but more importantly the step by step outline of the Monetary Reform presented from the CBI.

This is not a repeat nor a hodgepodge of old articles pieced together. It is a masterpiece of the IMF’s goals for the CBI. In fact it is so enriched with RV information that WS ran out of colors to highlight all of its points.

I love the conversation about new notes. I adore the definition of lifting 000′s. I am captivated when it says the IQD will go up in value this year of 2014!!!

The auctions moved another big chunk of the 4 trillion they collected last month. Alright…..alright…..alright then.

So somebody’s assistant ……..M’s…… himself arrested today huh? Silly rabbit. This knucklehead decided to counterfeit 1 billion dinars. Unbelievable!!! Is this going to create a stupid delay? LOL !!! NO!!! The opposite…… created Smart Security along time ago.

Since I am still laughing……..LOL…….let’s keep laughing. Chase sends updated info to their customers about future dealings with foreign currency. COME ON!!!

Did any of you ask for this info Family? LOL……..hey Wells Fargo …….I’m waiting for your email now………LOL!!!

They did something Family again. But as I guard that info I wish to open and share what happened two weeks ago to banks across the USA. It mirror imaged what the CBI did with their banks.

The UST told our banks to collect and send to them all foreign currency in their vaults. But……BUT……..says these banks……….we didn’t buy our foreign currency reserves from you nor the Feds……we bought them from dealers to add to our inventory to sell to customers with this need.

Why should we send them to you? Answer…… answer. Just do as you are told and comply. Then your accounts will be credited with what we collect from you electronically in USD’s.

Hmmm……..let’s see………4 trillion were collected by the CBI in a matter of weeks and credited to bank accounts. Coincidence? Similarities? Or smart?

Why should anyone have to pay for something tomorrow with a higher value than what you can pay today or replace at a lower value? Just asking.

Society just called so I am going to end this Blue Post for now. He has traveled a great distance to meet my wife and I and we go to break bread with him. Besides……..I can get boring……..LOL.

These are the worst of times? No………Praise God these are the best of times.

My Christian love and Aloha.

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Maliki attempts to overthrow Iraqi constitution, says Nijaifi

Nineveh, Mosul (AIN) –MP Atheel al-Nijaifi, of Motahidon Alliance, considered the recent statements of the Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, related to the disbursement of funds from the budget as dangerous speech and an attempt to overthrow the Constitution of Iraq.

Nijaifi published on his personal facebook page that ”Maliki launched a dangerous statement when he declared that he will adopt the State Budget without ratifying it at the Parliament where Maliki stated that the Parliament lost its legitimization because the Parliament violated the opinion of the Government.”

”I hope that Maliki did not meant his statement literally, otherwise his statement is considered an attempt to overthrow the Constitution of Iraq,” he concluded. \END\


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Maliki: We decided to exchange money without approving the budget

Nouri al-Maliki announced that the Council of Ministers decided in its meeting yesterday, exchange money without the approval of the budget law.

Al-Maliki said in his weekly today that “the Council of Ministers decided unanimously yesterday and exchange money without approving the budget and this is constitutionally authorized us to either believe or not believe her budget and that we wish we did not get it.”

“I sincerely say to the members of parliament that the attendance in Parliament without discussion of the budget is the false testimony urging them to non-attendance


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Maliki: The House became illegal, as it deliberately disrupt the State work

iraq parliament court like setting

BAGHDAD / NINA / Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said the cabinet decided yesterday unanimously to pay what the people need of service and urgent matters, regardless of the position of the House of Representatives to ratify the budget.

He said in his weekly: “The Cabinet gave an appeal to the Federal Court today about the work of the House of Representatives, which has become illegal because of dilatory policy of deliberate state work.” / End


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Asadi: if met Maliki and Barzani Najafi and Vstqr budget

City News Agency / Independent MP Hussein al-Asadi, Saturday, to hold a meeting of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi and the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, to solve the crisis, the federal budget for the current year.

Asadi said during a news conference at the parliament building that “Maliki is responsible for disabling the budget as a commander of a large bloc in the parliament, in addition to bearing the responsibility of the President of the Kurdistan region is also disabled because of a disagreement with the mass of Baghdad about the file of oil.”

He added that the “united and led by Najafi bear was also responsible for disruption to boycott the bloc led by the parliament sessions, thus it is necessary to hold a tripartite meeting comprising Maliki and Najafi and Barzani to resolve the dispute and to instruct the bloc to attend parliament sessions and pass the federal budget.”

He said al-Asadi said that “the continuation of the budget will disable state to collapse this year may continue into the coming months, because we are moving into the age of the parliament elections boat to finish.”


Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

Poppy discusses Maliki constantly causing turmoil


Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

Maliki accuses the parliament of blocking the adoption of important laws.

iraq parliament 2 good large pic

BAGHDAD / Nina /– Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, accused parliament and its presidency of blocking the adoption of important laws , particularly the budget that serve the Iraqi people.

He said in his weekly speech today : ” If this stand persist by the parliament , the funds will not be distributed according to retirement laws , social protection or the latest funds aid to be given to the Universities students and others. ” / End


Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

Enorrste thinks Maliki may be losing control.

2-23-2014 Newshound Guru Enorrste I like it when two sides have the courage to step up against the government directly like this. It means that SOMEONE is finally getting the courage to “tell it like it is” to Maliki. This may have some meanings under the surface: Maliki may be losing control and may not have a clear majority for the upcoming election. Furthermore, it may be obvious. After all, this argument from the parliament could have been presented months ago. So why is it coming out now? I suggest that there is political movement that is running against Maliki, and that people are getting more courageous because of it. Whether it forces Maliki to move is, of course, another matter altogether

Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

Maliki adviser: No truth to the ratios of deterioration of the Iraqi economy

Confirmed media adviser to the prime minister, Ali al-Moussawi, on Friday, there was no truth to what was attributed to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on the deterioration of the Iraqi economy, pointing out that Maliki confirms the strength of the economy and strength.

Moussawi said in an interview for “Alsumaria News”, “attributed to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on the deterioration of the Iraqi economy is untrue.”

He added that “Maliki confirms the strength of the economy and strength.”

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan said a statement seen by “Alsumaria News”, in the (February 20, 2014), Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, said during a meeting with senior EU official regulations Baghdad Faryad Roandzi, that Iraq as a whole is going through a financial crisis, expected, according to the statement “collapse “Iraq’s economy and financial system, if not to ratify the budget at the earliest and find radical solutions to the problem of increasing public expenditure which has become more than imports. noteworthy that the House of Representatives voted, in (January 28, 2014), the first reading of the budget bill for the year 2014 its eighth legislative term of the second legislative year, the fourth and last, headed by Speaker Osama Najafi and the presence of 191 deputies, but failed to accomplish those reading, while the State of Law coalition accused the Kurds of obstructing pass the budget.


Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

Maliki adviser: No truth to the ratios of deterioration of the Iraqi economy

Confirmed media adviser to the prime minister, Ali al-Moussawi, on Friday, there was no truth to what was attributed to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on the deterioration of the Iraqi economy, pointing out that Maliki confirms the strength of the economy and strength.

Moussawi said in an interview for “Alsumaria News”, “attributed to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on the deterioration of the Iraqi economy is untrue.”

He added that “Maliki confirms the strength of the economy and strength.”

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan said a statement seen by “Alsumaria News”, in the (February 20, 2014), Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, said during a meeting with senior EU official regulations Baghdad Faryad Roandzi, that Iraq as a whole is going through a financial crisis, expected, according to the statement “collapse “Iraq’s economy and financial system, if not to ratify the budget at the earliest and find radical solutions to the problem of increasing public expenditure which has become more than imports. noteworthy that the House of Representatives voted, in (January 28, 2014), the first reading of the budget bill for the year 2014 its eighth legislative term of the second legislative year, the fourth and last, headed by Speaker Osama Najafi and the presence of 191 deputies, but failed to accomplish those reading, while the State of Law coalition accused the Kurds of obstructing pass the budget.


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Maliki promises Kirkuk governor to support their demands

2-14-14 Prime Minister Nuri al- Maliki announced on Thursday that he supports the demands of Kirkuk province to consider their needs and help manage and coordinate with their portfolios .
“Kirkuk governor, Najm al-Din Karim visited Baghdad on Wednesday and met with Prime Minister , Nuri al-Maliki in his office ,” A statement by the Media Office of Kirkuk governor reported for ” Shafaq News “.

The statement added that the meeting was positive and dealt with political and security situation in the country and Kirkuk in particular.

Karim pointed out that governor Kirkuk demanded al-Maliki to support the police in the province through preparing and processing mechanisms, weapons and open sessions to increase the number of security troops in the province and its effectiveness.
Karim stressed to resolve policemen compensation that were killed in defending Kirkuk and compensate them as soon as possible.

The statement added that the meeting dealt with the importance of supporting Kirkuk administration in its Urban Development plans and urged the federal ministries to implement large projects serving the province.
Kirkuk governor met also yesterday , President of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari during the meeting, which was attended by Senior Advisor to the President of the Republic, Abdul Latif Rashid to discuss political and security situation in Iraq .

Karim met on the same day , former Vice President , Adel Abdul-Mahdi and discussed with him the developments taking place in the Iraqi political arena .

Kirkuk province is considered of the disputed areas between Baghdad and Erbil which is experiencing unstable security conditions as a result of attacks by armed groups affiliated with al -Qaeda and Islamic state in Iraq and al-Sham ” Daash ” and ” Naqshbandi Army ” and others , targeting mostly security forces and locals gatherings in markets and public buildings , streets , according to security sources and local observers.


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Maliki promotes Brigadier into rank of General in AnbarMaliki promotes Brigadier into rank of General in Anbar

Saturday, February 15 2014

Baghdad (AIN) –The Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, promoted the Brigadier, Noman Abd Najim al-Zobaie, into the rank of a General on Saturday.

The Commanding General of the Armed Forces, Maliki, declared in a statement received by AIN ”The Premier granted Brigadier Zubaei the rank of a General in appreciation for his heroic stances in fighting the terrorists affiliated to Qaeda organization and what is so called the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.”

The Premier, Nouri al-Maliki, has arrived in Anbar to discuss the security crisis.

An informed source stated to All Iraq News Agency (AIN) “Maliki has arrived Asad Military base in Baghdadi area in Ramadi to discuss the security situation with the chieftains and the security leaders.”


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Iraqi Politicians Split on Third Term for Maliki

[unable to retrieve full-text content]The State of Law Coalition, led by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, has not put forward a new candidate for the premiership. The coalition instead hopes to see Maliki in the post for a renewed third term, but this scenario is rejected by the majority of the political coalitions planning to participate in parliamentary elections scheduled for April 30
Assyrian International News Agency

Anbar Crisis Heats Up As Maliki Faces Criticism

Baghdad — The United Nations on Thursday expressed concern over the plight of civilians caught up in the fighting in Fallujah as Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki faced criticism at home for the ongoing conflict in the country’s western Anbar province.

UN mission chief to Iraq, Nickolay Mladenov, issued a public statement saying: “I am particularly concerned about the rapidly deteriorating conditions in Fallujah where many residents are caught up in the fighting,” adding that “the UN continues to urge for humanitarian access to the city.”

The UN statement follows an Iraqi government decision to seek to integrate Anbar tribesmen fighting against Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) fighters into the military and police forces. In his weekly press conference on Wednesday, Maliki acknowledged that the “terrorists” were creating their own arms and weapons in some districts of Fallujah, adding that government forces were continuing to besiege the city.

“Fallujah is being besieged by security services to prevent the terrorists based there from communicating with those outside the city . . . and some former officers with experience in producing weapons are doing so there, and these weapons are being used against the Iraqi people and security forces,” Maliki said.

“These neighborhoods are being targeted by the security forces as they are absent of civilians, and only these criminals and killers are present there,” he added.

Maliki announced the restructuring of the Anbar special police force to include the “honorable” Anbar tribesmen fighting against ISIS, saying: “They will be a vital part in the development of the armed and police forces in Anbar.”

Fares Ibrahim, a member of the Iraqi Awakening Council–or Sons of Iraq–in Anbar province, praised Maliki’s latest decision to integrate the Anbar tribesman into the police and military. He told Asharq Al-Awsat: “The plan announced by the prime minister comes in response to the plans agreed by the local government and Anbar tribes. Implementing this plan of action will have a profound affect in securing huge advances in the war against terrorism in this province.”

However the Mutahidoun Coalition, led by Iraqi Parliamentary Speaker Osama Al-Nujaifi, criticized the Iraqi prime minister this week, saying he was not serious about resolving the conflict in Anbar.

Mutahadoun issued a statement on Wednesday stressing that Al-Qaeda and ISIS must be confronted across Iraq, not just in Anbar. The statement read: “There is no alternative to a political solution that accommodates the legitimate rights of the citizens [of Anbar] and makes them the tip of the spear in terms of confronting terrorism.”

The statement added: “Many initiatives have been put forward, but these have not been dealt with seriously enough, and this has resulted in Anbar citizens strongly feeling that the government is not serious about resolving the crisis.”

Assyrian International News Agency

Maliki enters hospital for a heart attack

According to sources in the Prime Minister’s Office of Hammurabi to enter Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki at night and secretly to the Ibn Sina hospital in the green zone following a heart attack because of the deterioration of the security situation in Anbar.

The sources said that Al-Maliki has formed an investigative Committee week before secret form of military and intelligence near him to uncover the truth of what is happening in Anbar, the military reports posted by field commanders and Defense Minister Saadoun al-dulaimi and agency on the validity of claims of successive victories in front of Al-Anbar.

The sources said that the length of the crisis and which exceeded the 5 weeks without any clear progress and critical and security forces could not break into the cities of Ramadi and Fallujah, because of ferocious fighters clan, Al-Maliki questioned on reports from field officers and tribes loyal to him, decided to entrust the secret Committee of inquiry and the Committee has already submitted a detailed report, revealed the following points :

First: the difficult military situation for the Iraqi army and security agents because of (the lack of reinforcement and training and logistics)

Secondly: lack of harmonious Court and plans for leaders of the army and fighting traditional plans are administered and random and plans focus on abundance instead of numerical operations.

Third: the flight of large numbers of soldiers from the battlefield and the army’s use of new volunteers don’t improve use and did not have the experience of fierce battles, the loss of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs and wounded troops.

Fourth: increasing the number of officers with false reports of fake not real victories, for fear of punishment and redemption.

VA: vicious terrorists on the outskirts of the cities of Ramadi and Fallujah, and survival odds and battles between Iraqi army in small areas such as pitch and albu Farraj.

VI: a large number of tribal fighters who are holed up in city centers and controlled by practical and security forces could not negotiate with them or destroy them.

VII: the inability of the local government in Anbar tribal to preempt her.

Sources indicate that Al-Maliki was very disappointed after listening to the report, the Committee recommended the following points as a way out of the current crisis:

First: a peaceful initiative to give way for political solutions, through meetings and negotiations gathered political leaders and local government and angry rebel clans.

Second: co-opt the Sunni clans to the Government through an amnesty on tribesmen and respond to the demands of the people of the province.

III. budgeting for reconstruction and compensation for its victims.

IV: the return of tens of thousands of displaced families and compensate them financially.

Fifth: Iraqi army withdrew from the province and giving a greater role to the local police.

VI: co-opt Sunni clerics from the Sunni Endowment materially and morally.

VII: trial of accused to Anbar to raise suspicion of politicization and sectarianism.

VIII: focus on file and change the atmosphere of a military campaign.

IX media: reduced intensity of spasticity and its military programmes and anthems and talking about the wedding.

The sources said that Al-Maliki during a meeting with the Committee had been taken ill, especially that the meeting was a lengthy and detailed and jerky because debates, causing syncope Prime and to was transferred immediately to the Ibn Sina hospital in the green zone and that the existence of signs of heart light was overridden due to high blood pressure in the Prime Minister, who suffered for years.

The sources also said that doctors advised Al-Maliki must rest and relaxation and warned him of the danger of cramping, nervousness and what can cause hypertension and probability not escape again to a.

Sources disclosed that Al-Maliki advisers huddled in order of initiative of the local government in Anbar and in particular by its Governor Ahmad Khalaf Al-dulaimi and accepted immediately and apply their provisions in order to overcome the crisis which has expanded and expanded in other areas (Nineveh and Salaheddin and belt of Baghdad) and to prevent uncontrolled situation and orientation of the electoral campaign and alleviate the cramping.

The sources noted that Al-Maliki had agreed to this proposal and this illness is the cause and background of the peace initiative announced by the Governor of Anbar.


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IS MP : Third term for Maliki unexpected


Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Yasin al-Obaydi, of the Iraqiya Slate reported that the statement issued by members within the State of Law Coalition related to a third presidency term for the Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, are just electoral propagandas.

Obaydi reported in a statement received by AIN ”The formation of the upcoming government will be difficult since the new elections law will help the small blocs to participate in the elections and thus there will be many blocs with no major bloc to join in order to form the next government.”

”The statements which reported that Maliki will get a third presidency term are just electoral propagandas where the real winner will be determined through the votes in the ballot boxes,” the statement concluded.


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Maliki Girds for Fallujah Assault, Stakes Are High for Iraq

FALLUJAH, Iraq (UPI) — Amid sustained shelling, Iraq’s military is getting ready to mount major assaults against al-Qaida forces who seized large areas of the western cities of Fallujah and Ramadi Dec. 30.

The army is counting on the support of Sunni tribes in the region recruited by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to help retake the cities because it does not seem capable on its own, analysts say.

Fallujah, about 60 miles west of Baghdad, where U.S. Marines fought the bloodiest battles of the Iraq war, remains largely in jihadist hands along with much of nearby Ramadi, capital of Anbar province.

Maliki’s forces have been besieging Fallujah for more than a month, with no serious attempt to storm the city, newspapers report. Maliki has said he wants to avoid civilian casualties but the city of 300,000 has been shelled to soften it up before a ground assault.

Analysts say that after a year-long crackdown by Maliki’s forces, tribal leaders in overwhelmingly Sunni Anbar province have set aside deep-rooted grievances with the Shiite-dominated regime to help Maliki crush the jihadists, possibly because he has promised some political concessions.

Given the increasingly autocratic Maliki’s track record of refusing to give the minority Sunnis a stake in running the country, imprisoning their political leaders or driving them into exile, he’s now asking them to help him to sort out a crisis for which he is at least partly to blame himself.

The terms of the deals he’s making with tribal chiefs, who control thousands of fighters, remain unknown. But Arab diplomats report he’s handing out millions of dollars and generous infrastructure projects to sweeten the pot.

He’s also providing weapons, a risky undertaking given the disenchantment with the government among the disenfranchised Sunnis, who make up about 30 percent of Iraq’s population of 31.8 million.

There is a lot of mistrust on both sides, although many Sunnis do not want to live under jihadist rule in the Islamist emirate al-Qaida wants to establish in Iraq and neighboring Syria, a development that, along with Kurdish aspirations of independence in the north, adds some weight to fears Iraq may eventually disintegrate into sectarian enclaves.

The Sunnis’ cooperation with Maliki’s forces, whose heavy-handed crackdown gave al-Qaida the opportunity to seize territory and raise their black banners over Fallujah and Ramadi in the first place, has two main objectives.

Those goals are “containing a resurgent al-Qaida, and establishing a basis for reconciliation talks with Maliki’s Shiite-dominated government,” Oxford Analytica said.

“However, while the pragmatic alliance between Sunni tribes and Maliki’s security forces could provide the catalyst for much-needed reconciliation initiatives, its collapse could equally lay the ground for further sectarian escalation.”

Al-Qaida was effectively crippled by U.S. forces several years ago. But since the Americans withdrew in December 2011, jihadists of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, al-Qaida’s Iraqi wing, have been able to rebuild their strength because Maliki’s army and security forces have proved incapable of smashing them without U.S. support.

Right now, Maliki desperately needs a military victory in Anbar province if he has any expectations of winning parliamentary elections scheduled for April, in which he’s seeking a third term.

He barely scraped home in the 2010 poll. If he can’t recapture Fallujah and Ramadi, even his supporters among Iraq’s Shiite majority could dump him.

Meantime, al-Qaida’s campaign of violence, largely directed against Shiites, escalates as the jihadists seem to be trying to stretch Baghdad’s army as thinly as possible.

While Maliki’s been concentrating his forces in Anbar, the bloodletting’s intensified in the restive northern cities of Mosul and Kirkuk.

There’s been a resurgence of execution-style killings in Baghdad, once a mixed city but now controlled by Shiites, many of them installed in neighborhoods that once were Sunni.

“The greatest danger at the moment is that the focus on Anbar and Fallujah is tying up Iraqi military resources, giving ISIL a freer hand in other parts of the country,” analyst Marc Simms of Geopolitical Monitor said.

“Even if the loyalists triumph in Anbar, the pattern is set for sectarian militias playing a predominant role in Iraqi politics at the expense of a representative and unified state. …

“Maliki could always seize the initiative and create a more representative military force, but unfortunately history does not give much cause for hope.”

Assyrian International News Agency

Poppy thinks Maliki is still up to his old tricks.


Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

Poppy thinks it all boils down to what Maliki has to gain.


Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

Kurdish Oil Flow Raises the Stakes for Maliki

Iraqi prime minister Nouri Al Maliki in Baghdad on May 11, 2011 (Ahmad Al Rubaye/AFP Photo).Nouri Al Maliki may have to soften his opposition to a new Kurdish oil pipeline if he wants Iraqi Kurds to support him for a third term as Iraq’s prime minister.

Running from the Taq-Taq oilfield in the autonomous territory ruled by Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to the border with Turkey, the pipeline allows Iraq’s Kurds to sell their oil on international markets independently of Baghdad.

Oil began flowing through the pipeline in early January, a move that infuriated the central government, which wants control over all energy exports.

But a general election scheduled for April 30 gives the Kurds the political leverage to extract concessions from Mr Al Maliki, since he is likely to need their support to continue in office.

With oil flowing through their new pipeline, the Kurds’ position has been strengthened in their battle with the central government for control of energy resources.

“If the Iraqi Kurds become kingmakers again in the upcoming Iraqi elections, Baghdad might change their policies since they will need the Kurds for the government formation,” said Wladimir van Wilgenburg, a Middle East analyst for the Jamestown Foundation in Washington.

In past elections, Iraq’s Arab political parties were unable to form governments without entering into a coalition with the Kurds, who first gained autonomy in 1970.

Currently facing a rebellion by Sunnis in the western Anbar province, Kurdish support is especially important for Mr Maliki’s Shiite-led administration.

“I think it’s very much likely that Maliki has decided to let it be, even if he’s outspoken, to have the Kurdish support for the next government,” said Maria Fantappie, Iraq analyst at the International Crisis Group. “Then, when there is a deal, try to rearrange the energy security issue with the Kurds.”

To keep Mr Maliki from reneging on any pre-election promises, the Kurds are driving a hard bargain.

After securing the backing of international investors, the KRG built their pipeline and connected it to part of the existing pipeline infrastructure running to Turkey.

The KRG “dug up the dormant half of the twin Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipeline, blocked the end coming from government of Iraq territory, and commenced to tie in their own newly built pipeline spur to it,” said David Romano, a professor of Middle East Politics at Missouri State University.

The oil is now being stored at the Turkish city of Ceyhan, poised to be sold on international markets. While Ankara has said it will wait for Baghdad’s approval before the oil is sold, it has angered the Iraqi government by transporting the oil on behalf of the Kurds.

“Baghdad wants to be in full control of any oil company operating in Iraq, including in the KRG, while the KRG prefers an autonomous oil policy which would include exporting oil and gas and signing their own contracts with foreign oil companies,” Mr van Wilgenburg said.

The flow of oil to Turkey was a signal to Baghdad that the KRG was going forward with oil exports even if the “legality is ambiguous,” Mr Romano said.

In retaliation, Baghdad has threatened to pursue legal action against companies that buy the Kurdish oil. It also threatened to cut the KRG’s 17 per cent share of the national budget, unless it sends the proceeds from sales of 400,000 barrels per day to Baghdad. The amount is well above the current 300,000 bpd capacity of the new pipeline.

On Tuesday, the Iraqi deputy prime minister Hussein Al Shahristani reiterated the threat at a conference in London.

“Any oil that leaves Iraq without the permission of [the Iraqi state marketer] is illegal and Iraq will have to take action to protect its oil wealth,” Mr Shahristani said.

“We have informed Turkey and the KRG that we cannot allow this to continue … We are waiting for a response to our latest proposal.”

Mr Shahristani also said Baghdad was in “very serious” discussions with the KRG over the dispute, with the Kurds claiming they will begin selling the oil by the end of January.

Baghdad fears Iraq’s other oil-producing provinces could also demand greater autonomy and does not want to cede control of profits from oil exports.

Yet the brinkmanship, followed by little action, appears to reflect how tightly Baghdad’s hands are tied.

With the oil already flowing and Mr Al Maliki needing coalition partners, a deal is “very likely either just before the elections or soon after”, said Mr Romano.

Last week, a KRG delegation visited Baghdad and offered proposals for revenue sharing, according to local media. While there was no agreement, the KRG prime minister Nechirvan Barzani said there “is a serious tendency to reach a solution” from “Baghdad and certainly from our side”.

The Kurds need the funds to pay the peshmerga, a Kurdish militia, compensate victims of deposed dictator Saddam Hussein’s attacks on the Kurds, and for international companies — including the UAE’s Dana Gas — which are collectively owed hundreds of millions of dollars for their work in northern Iraq.

“If Baghdad doesn’t pay, they will get the revenues themselves,” said Mr van Wilgenburg.

Assyrian International News Agency

Maliki: National Initiative for housing will continue until every citizen owns a house

1-25-14 Long-Presse / Baghdad:   Announced by Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, said on Saturday that the National Initiative for housing will continue until he gets every citizen on a house in spite of “questioning” where, called the Municipality of Baghdad to speed up the opening of the tenders, as he emphasized that homes and low cost, which will be implemented within the initiative will be distributed on the poor, widows and the needy.

Said Nuri al-Maliki during a ceremony to choose the optimal model for homes of low-lying cost in the region of the Secretary-II, east of Baghdad, and was attended by (range Press), “The theme of the housing shortage is not only in Baghdad but in all the provinces, so the models of the 34 which we have today, it is not Baghdad and the provinces which we started distributing the land, “calling” the secretariat of Baghdad to speed up the opening of the tenders and to enter into the details of the companies in accordance with the choices of the models that must be selected according to the best and fittest even begin the process of contracting and construction. ”

Maliki said that “this process will be retained so that every citizen has a piece of land and every poor house built at the expense of the state, and the first page completed and distributed by the thousands of pieces of residential and day ban second page,” stressing that “the initiative will continue until for every citizen housing in spite of The presence of Cecchekat until the end. ”

He also said that “these models that competed for the companies when they saw serious and when they saw a great opportunity for investment,” pointing out that “the work is not only in the construction of houses and infrastructure, but schools and many of the belongings in these units.”

The Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, announced (30 November 2014), the Korean company offered to build Baghdad to “the appropriate form as a city modern”, and called on the Government of Basra, local to find an international company to build, and as apologized to the families of the gaps in the south of the delay in finding comfortable accommodations for them, he noted that “political rivalries” delayed project of the National Initiative for housing.

He revealed the National Council for Housing, on Sunday (tenth of November 2013), change the system construction in Iraq and adopt a method of turnkey construction, and when he announced the reduction of prices of housing units for the disabled and widows, confirmed the existence of 570 thousand housing units currently under construction, called to address problematic constitutional capital, which led to the denial of housing complexes according to the specific population ratio, and by changing the sex of land or exemption Ministry of Construction and Housing from the obligation to do so.

He called on the Minister of Construction and Housing, Mohammed Darraji, in (31 October 2013), to treat each and every one of the slums of 126 in Baghdad Lakethiatha as “the reality of the case” and the re-organization of the design basis for the capital and accordingly, while revealed orientation requires openness towards the borders of the province and municipalities to accommodate residential growth steady in the capital, Baghdad, lawmakers have demanded an urgent meeting to amend the decisions of the Revolutionary Command Council (defunct) on the territory of the State.

The Ministry of Construction and Housing, called in (the seventh of January 2013), the provinces to provide the necessary land for the construction of low cost housing and distributed free of charge to qualified categories, and confirmed that it had the support of an international project to support affordable housing.

The Minister of Construction and Housing, announced in (the fifth of July 2011), for the Housing Authority National, which is chaired by the ministry, to develop mechanisms to resolve the housing problem in Iraq over the next five years, while between these mechanisms, including increased financial allocation to the Ministry of Construction to build complexes additional housing, in addition to encouraging and facilitating foreign investment for the construction of housing units, and to proceed with a project to build condominiums economic, and distributed free of charge to poor families should be allocated two billion dinars, the detector on the need for Iraq to 2.0005 million thousand housing units to solve the housing crisis.

It was announced by the Iraqi cabinet, in 2007, the formation of a higher committee to draft the National Housing chaired by the Minister of Construction and Housing and the membership of agents by the Minister of Finance, Planning and Municipalities and Public Works and the Under-secretariat of Baghdad, in order to contain the housing crisis worsening in Iraq, the administration of housing units built perpendicular to distribute to holders of income average and below average.
It is noteworthy that Iraq is suffering a severe housing crisis due to the increasing number of the population, compared with the number of residential complexes, in addition to the inability of citizens with limited income from the construction of housing units of its own, because of the high cost of land and construction materials.


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Maliki : Who Ask us to Negotiate with the Terrorists is not a Partner in the Political Process

BAGHDAD / NINA / Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said that who asks us to negotiate with terrorists is not considered as a partner in the political process.

He confirmed during a speech in the opening ceremony of Dar al- Salam for charity House in Baghdad his refusal to negotiate with terrorist organizations, including al-Qaeda and Daash , noting that defeating terrorism is at the forefront of our priorities now.

He added that some people want us to negotiate and constantly talking about negotiations, and asked, ” Do they want us to negotiate with the terrorists and Daash?

Maliki pointed out that who did not have a strong and good position against terrorism is not a partner in the political process . / End


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Maliki is holding money back

1-19-2014 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Article: “Central Bank of the Region-Sulêmanî still awaits budget” This clearly now explains what is going on with the Kurdish region…Maliki is holding money back to the region. I would assume he has instructed Turki to keep the money out of the Kurdish banks until the budget is passed which puts pressure on the Kurds to agree to the budget. So we all wondered why they were not getting paid, or why there was no physical currency, now you know….Maliki

Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits



Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

Maliki pays chieftains in Anbar to get their support, says Alwani

Anbar (AIN) –A leader within Mutahidon Coalition revealed that the government paid 20.000 billion IQD for chieftains in Anbar to get their support.

He stated to AIN “We hoped the Premier, Nouri al-Maliki, to launch an initiative to settle the crisis of Anbar but instead, he paid a number of chieftains in the province.”

“Maliki should cooperate with Anbar MPs and Ministers instead of the chieftains,” he mentioned.

“The initiative of the head of the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council, Ammar al-Hakim, over Anbar will solve the crisis in the province and the government should consider it,” he concluded. /End/


Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits